Emanuel’s Lutheran Church

Vision 2020

September, 2016


Proverbs 16:9 – “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

(New Living Translation)



(What is most important to us?)


Proclaiming the Gospelthrough Word and Sacrament (preaching, teaching, Holy Communion, Baptism)

Welcoming all people(hospitality, inclusivity, diversity)

Helping people in need (service to others, servant leadership)

Ministering to people of all ages (youth and families; senior citizens; intergenerational teaching)


(What is our purpose?)


To be the church God is calling us to be by declaring God’s love, serving others and embracing all. 



(What do we want to achieve?)


With thankfulness for our heritage and the blessings bestowed upon us by a gracious God, we trust in the Holy Spirit to guide Emanuel’s Lutheran Church to a hopeful future.  As we strive to be the Church God calls us to be, we envision that by the year 2020 Emanuel’s will:

  • Be a vibrant, growing, multi-generational congregation that welcomes all people and faithfully proclaims – in the Lutheran tradition – God’s love through inspired worship, preaching, and teaching and through the administration of the Holy Sacraments.
  • Better reflect the rich diversity of the Seguin and surrounding community in our membership.
  • Even more faithfully minister to our members’ spiritual, emotional and physical needs.
  • Be more fully engaged in the life and lives of the Seguin and surrounding community.
  • Expand our support of national and global ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • Improve our facilities so they can be fully utilized to support the activities of this congregation and the local community.  


(How do we make our vision a reality?)


 MRA:  Build strong and effective pastoral, staff and lay leadership.


1.Call a pastor who shares our vision of Emanuel’s future and who can and will help us make that vision a reality.

a.Appoint Call Committee September 2016 with goal of having new senior pastor in place by June 1, 2017

b.The new pastor should have at minimum the following qualities:

i.Grounded in Word and Sacrament

ii.Oriented to serving an intergenerational membership

iii.Able to lead a team of staff members in a goal oriented manner

iv.Embraces all

v.Open to community involvement         

  1. Prior to new pastor’s arrival, Congregation Council – with Pastor Cannon’s participation - shall conduct performance evaluations of current staff members.

a.Council shall formulate proposed staffing plan to share with new senior pastor for his/her consideration.

  1. New pastor would assess professional staffing needs to help us achieve our goals of growing and diversifying our membership and providing effective ministry to our members, community and world. 

a.Special emphasis should be placed on the following:

i. youth and family ministry


iii.marketing, public relations, communication

4.Review our current committee structure and consider alternatives that might be more effective in achieving our goals as a congregation (e.g., ad hoc project-based task forces)

a.Council shall assess the current committee structure and determine the most effective structure for organizing the congregation so that we may achieve our goals and objectives.

5.Recruit, train and support congregation members to provide leadership in key programmatic areas (e.g., Christian education, stewardship, evangelism)

a.Post Time and Talent listing on ELC website (password protected) to allow members to know interests of membership and have immediate access when developing task forces, committees, workers, etc.  (Currently only have pen/paper list in notebook.)


MRA:  Grow and diversify our membership.


1.Consider alternate worship times and styles that might attract new members and increase worship attendance of current members (e.g. Saturday late afternoon/early evening worship)

a.Survey congregation re: interest in alternate worship times and styles

b.Review music ministry as relates to membership interest

2.Expand our marketing communications efforts, including our on-line and social media presence

a.Update current email data base.

b.Be more intentional and systematic in communicating with membership via email (e.g., newsletters, worship assistant assignments, weekly calendars)

c.Review and update as needed the Emanuel’s website.

d.Develop and implement annual marketing plan to include advertising in local media

e.Review need for establishing staff member or volunteer whose focus is systematically updating social media sites and marketing venues

3.Review and revise as needed our current practices of welcoming visitors

a.Create a task force to assess our current welcome practices and make recommendations to the Council.

b.Provide hospitality training to “front line” greeters (e.g., ushers, Council greeters)

c.Remind congregation of the importance of hospitality to membership growth and retention.

4.Consider developing a community education series that would increase Emanuel’s profile in Seguin and surrounding community and perhaps attract new members.

a.Appoint task force to develop assess feasibility and ideas

5.Consider becoming a Reconciled in Christ congregation

a.Appoint task force to assess requirements and process and make recommendation to Council.

6.Consider a “pub theology” at Seguin Brewing Company’s downtown brew pub.

a.Appoint a task force to research similar ministries in other communities, discuss with Brian Wallace of Seguin Brewing Company, and make recommendations to Council.


MRA:  Strengthen our support for each other.


1. Build a stronger sense of community within the congregation through expanded social events, small group gatherings, weekend retreats, community service projects and the like.

2.Restart Stephen Ministry program

3.Identify ways to provide greater support to members in need of food, transportation, health care and other necessities of life. 

a.Create data base of congregation members with known needs.

b.Develop plan for helping meet those needs on an on-going basis.

4.Provide intentional opportunities for intergenerational interaction (e.g., combine youth and adult Sunday School openings)


MRA:  Expand our involvement in local and global ministries.


1.Partner with local social service providers, government officials and worship communities to determine unmet social needs in Seguin and surrounding community and how best to address those needs through coordinated and collective action.

a.Consider feasibility of Emanuel’s becoming a host site for providing social services (e.g., homeless shelter, food distribution,adult day care center)

b.Consider feasibility of Emanuel’s becoming location for additional social service offices (e.g., Christian Counseling Center, Salvation Army)

2.Partner with Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church at every opportunity to support the ministries of the ELCA

3.Increase our benevolence contribution to local social ministries, the Southwestern Texas Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

a.Adopt a goal of increasing benevolence contributions by 5% each year between now and 2020.

4.Determine the future of the Day School program, including an assessment of current financial viability and expanding program to include infant care.


MRA:   Develop a facilities master plan to better support our ministry and mission goals.


  1. Obtain architectural/engineering evaluation of all facilities to include church, Luther House and Day School.
    1. Assess sanctuary, fellowship hall and education wing needs, including accessibility challenges. 
    2. Assess the feasibility of rehabilitating the Luther House for future use by the congregation and community organizations.
    3. Assess ongoing feasibility of utilizing current Day School facility, expanding current facility and/or utilizing current, renovated or new church facility.
    4. Assess opportunity to sell existing properties such as Luther House rather than renovate.
  2.  Create Task Force to review architectural findings and develop facilities master plan.

3.Consider expansion of the narthex into the sanctuary to provide larger and more functional space for welcoming visitors, pre- and post-worship service socializing, and other community-building activities.

4.Identify opportunities to make Emanuel’s campus available to other organizations in the community. 

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