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Rev. Darwin L. Huartson


San Antonio Hospital Visitation Pastor

Chaplain Huartson serves as hospital visitation chaplain for Emanuel's Lutheran Church. When Emanuel's members are hospitalized in San Antonio hospitals, Chaplain Huartson visits on our behalf. If you would like him to visit you or someone you know, please contact the staff of Emanuel's Lutheran Church and they will contact him for you.

Chaplain Huartson is a board-certified chaplain affiliated with the Association of Professional Chaplains, serving in the continuing education and volunteer department at VISTA Hospice.

Active in community activities, Pastor Huartson  serves on the Alamo Ethics Committee and is president of the Jefferson Area Co-op, a church-based ministry for elderly people living in San Antonio's Jefferson area. He is a frequent speaker on spirituality, grief and bereavement.



Last Published: July 20, 2010 11:07 AM

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